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I am a Christian woman who is committed to daily seeking the Lord. As I have my quiet times, God often places on my heart an urgency to share whatever He's showing me with someone else. I started doing so on Instagram and other social media platforms and my friends and followers always gave positive feedback. By their prompting and a lot of prayer, I decided to step into the world of blogging. I understand not everyone shares my beliefs and convictions, but if you read this blog, I do hope I am able to encourage you and bless you. I've learned that God desires nothing more than for us to know Him and spend time with Him. So, each Monday and Wednesday you are welcome to join me as I do that.
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I’ve started to read through Daniel. Today for the first time ever I looked through the eyes of Nebuchadnezzar instead of just studying Daniel. In Daniel 2, Nebuchadnezzar is lost, scared, and desperate to know what the future holds. He has little patience for anyone who can’t help him and he is throwing fits that toddlers would be shocked by.

😳He reminds me of myself… When I am scared and uncertain about the future, my patience is tested and I’ve been known to snap. Thankfully, God is waiting for us to look at Him and ask for His help. He waits for me as I struggle, and He waits with me as I walk through the uncertainty.

💙Currently I’m praying through some decisions that will effect my future. I’m so thankful God is present with me in this time. #frankiesqt #shereadstruth #quiettime

Yesterday was my 3 year anniversary with Sean. We are postponing our celebration date til Friday when we both have time to do something fun, but we did exchange gifts yesterday. 

I know couples are always seeking new ideas for Date nights and especially cheaper ideas. My gift to Sean was a jar full of over 20 date nights that I would enjoy and he wouldn’t have to really plan, just pick one from the jar. 

We’ve agreed to pick a date slip every other week on Sunday and mark our calendars so we make it a priority. 

Here is the list of dates I put in our jar: 

  • Alphabet date: Pick a letter from the alphabet and plan the date around that letter. Budget: Free-$40
    Step 1. The letter B. 
    Step 2. Wear something that starts with the letter B, for example: Boots, something Blue, a button up shirt, something black. 
    Step 3. Go somewhere that starts with “B”. Try a Bar, go out for a Beer, BJ’s Brewhouse. OR do something that starts with “B” such as: watch Batman (or another movie that starts with B), play a Board game, 

  • Eat-at-home Alphabet date: Pick a letter from the alphabet and plan the meal around that letter. Budget: Free-$20
    Step 1. The letter B. 
    Step 2. Plan your meal. Broccoli, Black Bean burgers, Beer, Brussels Sprouts, Blueberry pie, Blackberry yogurt, Bacon, BLT’s, etc. 

  • The Mall Scavenger Hunt: Budget: FREE
    Make up a list of things to do at the mall. For example: 
    🔹Pic of someone with brown shoes
    🔸Pic of a dodgers shirt
    🔹Pic WITH an apple sore employee
    🔸Pic of a grandma
    🔹Pic of a pair of vans
    🔸Pic WITH a stranger
    🔸Pic of someone on their phone
    🔹Pic of a couple holding hands
    🔸Pic of the weirdest thing you see

  • Go out to watch a Football/Basketball/Baseball game at BJ's, BWW, or another sports bar. Budget $30.

  • Hike to the Hollywood Sign. Budget: Free-$20 (Gas + drinks/snacks)

  • Treasure HuntingBudget: $10-$20 Go to an ATM, pull out $10-20 and then drive around looking for local yard sales! 

  • Go mini golfing Budget: $10-$20 

  • Drive-in Theater. Budget: $12 for two ticketsextras: Kettle Corn from Fresh&Easy ($3), Hummus and Veggies (5). Energy drinks ($4), Candy ($3), Starbucks ($6)

  • Go on a picnic. (Various parks in Riverside and Corona!). Budget: Free-$10 (Gas + drinks/snacks)

  • Game NightBudget: FREE Card games for two: 

  • Go Kayaking. Budget: $20-$40

  • Hike the “Big Santa Anita Canyon Loop” Budget: Free-$20 (Gas + drinks/snacks)

  • Hike to Graffiti Waterfall Budget: Free-$20 (Gas + drinks/snacks)

  • Hike to the Etiwanda Falls Budget: Free-$20 (Gas + drinks/snacks)

  • Hike/Explore Chino Hills State Park 4721 Sapphire Road Chino Hills, CA 91709  Budget: Free-$20 (Gas + drinks/snacks)

  • Go to a new restaurant neither of us have been to. Budget: $20-$50

  • Buy cheap Kites from a Dollar Store and fly them somewhere. Budget: < $5

  • Buy cheap mugs, decorate them with sharpies. Back for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Budget: < $5

  • Go out for milkshakesBudget: < $5

  • Go to the dollar store, each person with $2, and surprise each other with gifts. Budget: < $5

  • Go stargazing at a park. Bring blankets, pillows, and snacks. Budget: < $5

  • Hike Mt. Rubidoux and Write a bucket list together. Budget: < $5

  • Volunteer together at the food pantry. Budget: FREE

  • Volunteer at AAB together. Budget: FREE

  • Go to a playground and playBudget: FREE Teach each-other a game you use to play when you were little. Tell stories of when you were growing up. (Think about the stories before you go so you’re ready to share!)

  • Go on a prayer walkBudget: FREE

  • Go to the Irvine Spectrum or Victoria Gardens and people watch while drinking Starbucks. Budget: Free-$10

  • Go to Disneyland and watch the fireworksBudget: Free-$10

  • Go to Disneyland and take photos hand-standing or doing a pistol in front of major attractions or with Characters.Budget: Free-$10

  • Pick a tour or adventure off of  Budget: $30-$100. They have deals for under $20 too. 

Interact: Share me with some of your ideas for cheap date night/days! 

😍Love these colors. Who wants a bracelet with these fun summer colors? ☀

📧Email me for more details:

[pictured: navy blue, sky blue, peachy coral, and towards the left is magenta/pink]